Day Program


Art from the Heart

The Day Program at Casa Angelica is committed to providing opportunities for our young people who have graduated from high school. The Day Program is dedicated to providing Physical, Occupational and Vocational Services tailored to each person’s individual service goals fostering our consumer’s transition as young adults. A variety of art is created; from finger painting to tin work, jewelry and clay work. Art from the Heart Day Program involves our young adults creation of art. Hand-over-hand techniques create art from a wide variety of media. An adaptive switch can be connected to a shredder, a blender or a hair dryer and used in the creation of their art.

Another component of the Art from the Heart Day Program is volunteering in the community. This gives each program participant the opportunity to give back to the community. Inclusion and independence is achieved by volunteering their time to various organizations. We volunteer at ARCA Organics LaPaloma Greenhouse and have formed a strong friendship. Their clients also come to Casa to help us plant our gardens.





Each week we also go to the Rio Grande Food Project to package food for those less fortunate than us. From rice and beans to flour and sugar, the program participant and staff member scoop (hand over hand) from a 250 pound bag to a 2 pound bag, seal each bag and “drop” each bag into a box. We also help at */St. Vincent de Paul/* twice a week to hang clothing to be displayed for sale in their thrift store. A feeling of accomplishment warms the heart.